Thermostat Installation Services

Is It An HVAC Emergency?

Sometimes an HVAC emergency can be subtle, while others, such as when you turn on the unit and nothing happens, are more obvious.

Are There Any Unusual Smells?

When electrical components overheat and sometimes melt, they produce a burnt smell or another similar smell. Call Best Brooklyn Heating and AC Repair as soon as possible since damaged or shorted electrical components can become a fire hazard.

Is The Unit Making Irregular Sounds?

Belts, fans, and other internal components usually make loud and/or unusual noises when there’s an issue. A high-pitched or shrill noise can signal the compressor’s pressure level is too high and needs to be fixed immediately.

Is Any Air Coming From The Vents?

A clogged air filter can block enough airflow from reaching the ductwork and vents, making it seem like there is no air movement. But if the HVAC system is running and there is no obvious reason as to why the air isn’t flowing, call Best Brooklyn Heating and AC Repair.

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